See That Tiny Hobbit-Like Entrance? Well, Just Wait Til You Go Inside… I’m So Jealous.

It’s not every day that people are struck with the motivation to do something downright awesome. Luckily for us, Ash Yeates of Torii Gardens decided he wasn’t playing around. Whether it was because he is a huge Hobbit fan or maybe he was bored, he decided to build his very own hobbit hole. Even if you’re not a J.R.R. Tolkien fan, you may love this.
This is the glorious finished product. Interested in having a hobbit hole yourself? Well this will interest you…
First you’ll need to clear space. This apple tree died, so Ashley decided to take it down and dig out all of the root space. It was the perfect size for a project.
Then, they built a strong wooden frame within the cleared hole. They made sure it was plenty strong.
There was lots of digging by hand. Lots.
It took a long time to get ready, but they were finally able to close and seal the hole.
“The roof was again over engineered to keep moisture out and includes a variety of layered barriers which tuck right around the internal watertight pod created for the interior.”
They added turf to the roof and some finishing touches.
Once the interior was finished, it was downright COZY.
Even though though it looks to be a bit small.
There’s plenty of room for relaxing.
Not only that, but they plan on building another hobbit hole in the garden, but with more rooms and bigger dimensions.
I know I look forward to seeing it.
One of the proud owners.
And the other.
This place is cozy brilliance.
Source: Ashley Yeates

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