Artist Creates Surreal Pictures With Shelter Dogs To Help Find Them New Homes

Sarolta Ban, a talented Hungarian photographer, creates beautiful images of loving shelter dogs looking for a home.

Ban is an acclaimed photographer specializing in surreal photographic compositions that bend the mind and move the soul. Her ongoing dog portrait series, however, began when she adopted a dog of her own and created an image for it. These images are moving as well, but in a different way – because they offer shelter dogs hope.

She started collecting pictures of animals from all over the world that are looking for homes. She creates beautiful images for them and will gift copies of these works to the people who choose to adopt them. A portion of the proceeds of each image’s sale will also go to the dog’s shelter.

“Abandoned dogs sadly have really few chances to appear on a photo that will help them get out of the shelter… [one] that stands out from the crowd, and’speaks’ to a person,” she explains on the project’s page.

Here are some of our favorites. The quotes are either from the shelter or animal foster home.



“She is very happy with her 3 new siblings. She is getting bigger now and was sterilized a few weeks ago.”

Tucker (adopted)

surreal-photography-shelter-dogs-sarolta-ban-2“Tucker is a big boy and weighs about 100 pounds! He was not walked on a leash before he came to Northwoods Shelter and is just getting used to having a collar on. We practice each day. Tucker requires a patient home that is willing to teach him how to walk on a leash and some other basic manners.”


surreal-photography-shelter-dogs-sarolta-ban-7b“I rescued Meiko from an abused home and I absolutely love him. Unfortunately, I am only fostering him because I go to school and work full time and I do not have the time to play with his as much as he needs it. Because he was abused he is skittish with all new people, but more specifically adolescent boys and adult men. He is great with other pets and he is very friendly and lovable once he is comfortable with you.”



“Tanya has been homeless her entire life, 7 1/2 years. Abandoned at a no-kill shelter in New York at 6-months-old, no one has ever come for her until Mr. Bones & Co. pulled her into their rescue program. Special note from Elli, who is running Mr. Bones & Co:’This dog has touched me like no other has and I will climb the highest mountain just to help her find her way home. Paws crossed that someone finally steps up and opens their heart and home to our very special dog. We will drive anywhere in the United States for the right home: dog experienced, no other pets, loving and stable.”


surreal-photography-shelter-dogs-sarolta-ban-9b“Ringo is a very active mutt. He was born in the streets and was rescued when he was 40-days-old along with his two other brothers (both adopted). Ringo is now 7-months-old and is still waiting for a family. He has been vaccinated and neutered. He is playful and full of energy, but also loves long naps on the lap of loved ones.”


surreal-photography-shelter-dogs-sarolta-ban-5-b“Sami is a beautiful, sensitive, and lovely young dog. In her shelter in Jumilla she is well known for her acrobatic tricks. She likes to walk around on different things. Sami is compatible with other dogs, obedient, and careful. So far, she was only taken for a walk outside the animal shelter twice. It would be ideal for her to find a new home with experienced dog owners or a secure and relaxed dog. Sami has not experienced much in her life so far and will learn new things quickly.”

Jasmine (adopted)


“Jasmine has been living for four years in Tappancstanya in Szeged, Hungary. Jasmine is among those kinds of privileged dogs who lives in the main office and is always surrounded by someone. He quickly becomes friends with people, he works hard for caresses, constantly wiggles his butt and loves to chase fleas. He is a real house guardian, if someone comes uninvited into the gate, he tends to catch their ankles. Otherwise he is phenomenal…”

Bounder (adopted)

surreal-photography-shelter-dogs-sarolta-ban-3b“Bounder is a senior Lab mix. He has lots of energy, and needs a very secure yard to run and play in. He’s up to date on shots, neutered, and great on a leash. He’s located at the Regional Animal Services of King County in Kent, Washington (USA).”

Zé and Phebo

surreal-photography-shelter-dogs-sarolta-ban-10bZé: “He is 2-years-old, a beautiful and smart dog, very sweet and cheerful. Zé was born by accident, as his mother underwent a surgery to be castrated by the State Veterinary Service. However, during the proceeding, the vets stated that she didn’t need the surgery, as they concluded that’she had already been operated on before‘. Three months later, though, she got pregnant and had Zé and his siblings, Tom and Flora.””¨Phebo: “A castrated half-breed 5-year-old Dachshund…taken away from the streets. She’s very meek and obedient, really sweet with any person. Loyal, she is always around when her favorite people (and dogs) need help. Phebo waits for a home where she can spoil her new family with all the kindness and care she is able to give. BTW, she LOVES to cuddle. Seriously.”

Now, Ban has also started posting before-and-after images to her Facebook page, so that we can see just how transformative her Photoshop skills can be. If you enjoy her artwork, be sure to check out her page as well and buy a print or even get acquainted with a new furry friend!

Source: | Facebook

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