Smart Is Beautiful. Size Zero Is Not. This Is How Clothes Should Be Advertised!

How many times have you flipped through a clothing catalog and wished you could see the clothing advertised on a “real” person? After all, most of America is overweight. Most of us are not 100 pounds and size 0. Those stick-thin models in magazines and catalogs simply look like they are starving. Luckily, one clothing brand has decided to go against the typical model routine and has recruited intelligent, beautiful women to model their upcoming products.


Betabrand is an “online clothing community” based in San Francisco. To advertise their new products this Spring, they are displaying the clothes on real women. And not just real women, smart ones, too. The company founder explains, “Our designers cooked up a collection of smart fashions for spring, so why not display them on the bodies of women with really big brains?”


Instead of hiring professional models to show off their Spring collection, they reached out to friends, relatives and colleagues looking for young women in their own networks with doctorates or on their way to getting doctorates. Then, they invited these ladies to try on some new clothes and get their pictures taken…

3-cool-clothing-brand-real-models-brains 2-cool-clothing-brand-real-models-brains 5-cool-clothing-brand-real-models-education     4-cool-clothing-brand-real-models-PhD 4-cool-clothing-brand-real-models-education

Not only these women have real bodies with real proportions, they also dedicated their time to get a proper education. These are the models we should be paying attention to not the ones that hardly eat to get the job they have.

Source: Betabrand & AdWeek

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