A Guy Spotted This Outside Of His Office Building. I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It

Reddit user terminusbound spotted this highly unusual looking squirrel outside his office building in San Jose, California. Not only is the squirrel black and white, but it also has bright blue eyes. It’s as if it’s part squirrel, part skunk and part character from the Dune universe.

In reality the squirrel has what’s called “piebald” which is a coloration that arises sometimes in many mammal populations (cats, dog, cows, horses, fox, mice, rats). In the wild, they are easy prey so usually don’t live to reproduce. Under domestication, the animals are protected and the color can become established. This squirrel probably lives a pretty sheltered life with not many predators in the area.

The lil’ guy can’t exactly camouflage with the ground and bushes.

This is what the squirrel looks like in all its magnificent beauty.

unusual_squirrel_02Showing off those pearly blue eyes.

unusual_squirrel_10Squirrel 2.0, now with urban camouflage.


The black and white fur makes it look more like a climbing skunk than a squirrel.
unusual_squirrel_04So just in case…better back off when it aims its behind at you.
unusual_squirrel_07 unusual_squirrel_09

I suppose we can’t rule out the possibility of that just being a Pokemon.

Source: Reddit

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