4-Year-Old’s Star Wars-Themed Funeral Fulfills His Final Wish. This Will Break Your Heart!

Many people create bucket lists of things they want to do before they die. Most people have years – even decades – to fulfill this list, but for one boy, he didn’t have that luxury.¬†Jack Robinson, a 4-year-old boy from Hampshire, had an inoperable brain tumor, which took him to heaven recently. Before he died, though, he made his very own bucket list – all of which was successfully filled thanks to incredible friends and family.

He had a celebrity, Gary Barlow, visit him in the hospital and received a special video from none other than the infamous Matt Smith from Doctor Who. He even got to celebrate his birthday early and ride in a fire engine.

Most importantly, he received his final wish of his bucket list: to have a Star Wars-themed funeral.



Jack was an avid Star Wars fan and spent a lot of his time in the hospital watching the films and playing with Star Wars toys.


As he and his bright-blue, Star Wars-themed coffin was carried via a white, horse-drawn carriage with “Jedi” written out on it and guarded by stormtroopers, his and family and friends walked close behind.


Here is young Jack with Gary Barlow in the hospital.


What’s a Star Wars funeral without R2-D2?

On his final journey, people joined in to walk with the boy’s coffin.



When the boy lost the fight after the brain tumor last week, costumes were ordered to ensure his final wish was carried out.


Here’s Jack when he received his special video from Matt Smith:



This is Jack with Liam, his twin brother, who was there every step of the way.


Luckily, he was able to complete his bucket list before passing away. Although he didn’t experience the Star Wars funeral first-hand, I’m sure he was smiling from above thanking his family for fulfilling his final wish.


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