This Mom Has No Idea Her Son Uploaded This Yet. When You See It, You’ll Know Why He Did.

A Reddit user noticed his mom had an unusual hobby and talent. She would take a normal photograph of her own or a friend’s and then sketch around it, completing the scene. It wasn’t just normal sketching though, it was a fabulous¬†work of art.

So, he decided to upload her pictures online to show others her incredible talents. She doesn’t know it yet, but we can see why he decided to share her work with the world. It’s amazing.

She takes a simple photograph… then extends it.


She uses colored pencils to finish out the work.

2-iIv2cjMIf she knew her son was uploading this, she would blush.
3-tbGnf69It’s an amazing art form.


The color palette and composition are chosen specifically for each picture.
5-KZsnJPwShe just does this for fun or friends…

6-YsixPguBut her work is so amazing. More people should see it.

She doesn’t have a website up yet, but with any extra help or encouragement she would try it. So share this one mother’s incredible hobby; she is so talented and more people should really see her stuff.

Source: Reddit

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