Tattooed Seniors Prove That Tattoos Look Just As Awesome At 70 As They Do At 20.

Many people are extremely drunk and/or young when they get their first tattoo. After that first one, the tattoos can be very addicting. Ask anyone. However, after one has covered their body in tattoos, they begin to wonder what they’re body will look like in 50 years. Many believe that the tattoos will begin to sag as the skin stretches and wrinkles. However, you’ll be happy to know that tattoos can look just as great when you are a senior citizen as they do now.

Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you. So, see for yourself:


Look at those piercings!



Slicking it back like the badass I’m sure he is.


This woman proves that a great-looking body is still achievable as well.

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Put’em up! It’s the Knockout Round!



As you can see, tattoos can still look awesome when you get old…and so can your body! Don’t ever let your age get you down in any way. Share these badass tattooed seniors by clicking below!

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