This Is How Teens Are Asking Each Other To Prom Nowadays

Prom is one of the biggest deals for teenagers and they go to great lengths when it comes to their promposals.  Every male wants to be the talk of the school with their promposal and want to ensure they land of the girls of their dreams. I can definitely say that the prom gram has drastically changed since I was a lad in high school because apparently food is very popular.

Now, while some of these are actually pretty awesome, a few of these, I’m like WTF? 

Rearranging apps = An APPsolute Yes!

How about a pair of Nikes?

Obviously a Starbucks Frappuccino is a popular gesture:

And using balloons…


And some good’ole chicken wings:

A simple way to steal their heart…


Gotta love them country boys!



Plane rides over San Francisco:

Getting her in trouble just to get the teacher to change your name in her contacts…

Using poor, innocent little puppies…named “Prom”

Why not?


It can’t hurt to get dolphins involved…

Who can say no to a pepperoni pizza promposal?


Dressing up as homeless guys…


Coordinating a fake arrest:

And to sum it all up:


So, how are you asking your date to prom? Does your promposal stand a chance when compared to these?

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