This Photo Is Everything That’s Right About Pet Adoption In One Goofy Selfie

Nala doesn’t have one of those rip your heart out backstories that’ll make you cry. She’s just a wee dog who wound up in a Northern California shelter, who got lucky when some good people came to the shelter and decided to make her part of their family.

And this is the smile Nala gave when she realized that these were her new siblings and she was going home.

“Nala is just bonkers over the kids,” says Humane Society Silicon Valley spokesperson Finnegan Dowling. “It’s like everything that’s right about pet adoption in one goofy selfie.”

Nala’s new human mom is Tanya Seidman, who says she and the others had just started looking for a new dog, after one of their dogs, Sasha, died earlier this year.

They’d actually gone to the shelter to meet another dog, but then they saw Nala.

“She was so adorable with big eyes and a sweet disposition,” says Tanya. “We immediately knew this was the dog for us.”

The smiles started, and haven’t stopped.

“We have been snuggling and giving her kisses nonstop,” says Tanya.

Well, not totally nonstop. In the week since she was adopted, Nala has also gotten to go hiking, and romp around in a dog park. She’s visited Berkeley and Santa Cruz.

She’s developed a taste for bananas; her people now carry them around in plastic bags for her, in case she’s wanting a snack.

The Seidemans have another dog, too — a 125-pound German Shepherd named Logan. Logan was the inspiration for bringing home a new companion. He and Sasha were close; he’s seemed lonely since she died.

Nala won Logan over, too.

“After a few hours of careful introductions, everything went well,” says Tanya. “Nala immediately adapted to her new home.”
The Seidmans bought Nala a new bed, to welcome her to her new home. So far she’s refused to use it.

Instead, she divides her sleep time up among her new people. Then spends her days glued to their sides as well.
Nala’s a dog who seems to know she hit the jackpot with this family, and doesn’t want to let a second of it pass her by.

“I feel in my heart that Nala is a very appreciative dog,” says Tanya. “And it makes me feel great that I made a huge difference in a little dog’s life.”

Source: Humane Society of Silicon Valley

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