An Oregon Couple Rushed Through Their Wedding Because Of A Wildfire And The Photos Are Breathtaking

Michael and April Wolber had picked the perfect place for their wedding, Rock Springs Ranch in Oregon. They couldn’t wait for an idyllic outdoor wedding with all of their friends and family. Except when their ceremony began on Saturday, firetrucks pulled up, warning the wedding party that the Two Bulls wildfire was heading straight for them at a dangerous pace.

So, as firefighters looked on, Michael and April rushed through their vows in half time, racing to make sure they were able to have their dream wedding in their perfect place.

The rushed ceremony doesn’t seem to have been too bad, though.
Josh Newton, the couple’s photographer, was snapping photos of the whole thing and ended up grabbing some absolutely incredible shots.
Seriously, Michael and April might not have been able to take their time, but they ended up with some mind-blowing wedding photos.
6-wildfire-wedding 7-wildfire-wedding

After they both said “I do,” Michael, April, and their friends and family rushed off to their backup location safely.
Source: Josh Newton and

The latest estimate is that the wildfire has consumed almost 7,000 acres, but is contained and almost out.

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