World’s Best Father Documents What An Amazing Dad He Is…Totally Not What You Would Expect!

Photographer Dave Engledow initially started taking photos of and his daughter to “capture the dazed, sleep-deprived obliviousness of the new father.” With his ongoing series we get real insight into what it means to be an amazingly good dad. You may think some of the images show him being something less than exemplary in his parenting, but you’d be wrong and he has the mug to prove it…


Worlds-Best-Dad-08-634x452 Worlds-Best-Dad-02-634x482 Worlds-Best-Dad-10-634x484
Worlds-Best-Dad-04-634x436 Worlds-Best-Dad-09-634x870 Worlds-Best-Dad-03-634x528
Worlds-Best-Dad-05-634x452 Worlds-Best-Dad-06-634x468 Worlds-Best-Dad-07-634x450 Worlds-Best-Dad-18 Worlds-Best-Dad-14-634x888 Worlds-Best-Dad-16-634x898 Worlds-Best-Dad-12-634x957 Worlds-Best-Dad-20 Worlds-Best-Dad-15-634x426 Worlds-Best-Dad-17-634x451 Worlds-Best-Dad-19-634x480 Worlds-Best-Dad-13-634x465 Worlds-Best-Dad-26-634x475 Worlds-Best-Dad-24-634x478 Worlds-Best-Dad-22 Worlds-Best-Dad-27-634x459 Worlds-Best-Dad-023-634x507 Worlds-Best-Dad-28 Worlds-Best-Dad-29 Worlds-Best-Dad-25-634x473 Worlds-Best-Dad-30 Worlds-Best-Dad-21-634x423

A couple years later…


They’re still up to no good!



Check out his Facebook for more incredible photography and click here if you’d like to pre-order his upcoming book, which will be a collection of images from this series along with log entries informing the reader of the event that transpired. It’s expected to be available in May 2014.

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