Collection of Incredible Photos That Prove Snails Live In A Magical World

Talented Ukrainian nature photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko has an eye for taking photos that bring small natural worlds up to our level, showing us how the world might look if we could see it through the eyes of an ant, snail or lizard.

Mishchenko’s interest with the miniature natural world around us began early on in his youth. “As a child, my father taught me to hunt mushrooms near my home and we would always come across all manner of bugs and creatures,” he told Daily Mail. “As I got older and my interest in photography grew, I decided I wanted to catch these magical scenes on camera.



Mishchenko shoots his unwitting models in their natural habitats, but whether or not they even realize that they’re being made to model for a photo shoot is unclear.

macro-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-5 macro-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-6

His photography feature snails enthralled by drops of water or kissing and insects stretching across gaps of water in setups that are nothing less than picture-perfect.

macro-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-12 macro-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-23

Unsurprisingly, Mishchenko has a colorful of history and has worked with a wide variety of art forms – he lists woodworking and painting as other artistic interests of his as well.



It’s definitely worth paying this Renaissance man’s website a visit and checking out the rest of his work!

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