Artist Creates Beautifully Hyper Realistic Pastel Drawings of Climate Change

Tackling climate change or the documentation of extreme environments can be challenging endeavors for any artist, but for Brooklyn-based Zaria Forman it was simply an extension of a childhood spent traveling with her family to some of the Earth’s most remote locations.

For her 2012 project Chasing the Light, Forman led an ambitious art expedition by sailing up the northwest coast of Greenland to retrace the 1869 journey of American painter William Bradford. Along the way she documented the changing arctic landscape, which she would use for inspiration in several large soft pastel drawings seen here. Her nearly photo-realistic works exquisitely capture the atmosphere and mood of a landscape in flux.

Greenland-54-40x60s zaria-iceberg-photo Greenland-56-40x60s Greenland-62-47x70s Greenland-iceberg-photo zaria-iceberg-photo-2 Greenland-iceberg-photo-2 Greenland-63-50x75s zaria-iceberg-photo-3 Maldives-1-40x60s

In late 2013, Forman traveled to the Maldives, the lowest-lying country in the world, and an area said to be most vulnerable to rising sea levels, where she completed another body of work focusing on the rising ocean tides. The resulting drawings create an alluring juxtaposition of beauty and menace. Similar journeys have taken the artist to locations around IsraelNosara, and Svalbard.

Maldives-2-41x60s Maldives-3-30x60s Maldives-4-41x60s Maldives-5 Nosara-1-45x60Gs


If you’d like to learn more about Forman’s work she currently has several original works available on Artsy and you can purchase prints over on ArtStar. The artist has an upcoming exhibition at Carla Massoni Gallery that opens in March, and if you have a good eye you can spot 10 of her drawings used on the sets of Netflix’s smash hit House of Cards.

You can also follow her on Facebook.

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